Consulting Services from Interactive Nordic – the specialist games recruiter in the Nordic region.

We provide the general public and Local and National Government with knowledge from the games industry. This could be a seminar in how to look for a job in the games industry or Interactive Nordic engaging in a project concerning games education or recruitment in the gaming industry.


“Jag vill jobba med spelutveckling. Hur kan min väg dit se ut?”
“Hur söker jag jobb hos en spelutecklare? Hur presenterar jag mig på bästa sätt?”
“Hur ser framtidsbehovet ut i datorspelsindustrin när det gäller rekrytering och utbildningar?”


We have educated the personnel within the unemployments offices in Sweden. We had a project at Dreamhack called The purpose was to find talent and to give advice on how to get in to the gaming