More information on Interactive Nordic – the specialist games recruiter for jobs in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

Interactive Nordic only works with the game development industry. Our clients are from all over the Nordic countries. Our two main areas are recruitment and consulting.

Recruitment services

Through our international database we have both a large number of candidates and clients.

What we do

  • We work with clients of any size.
  • We help clients to find personnel.
  • We help candidates to find their dream job.
  • We help the general public and Local and National Government to get a better picture of the gaming industry and gaming education.
  • We search for talent within our field.
  • We help job seekers with their presentation.

Interactive Nordic

  • Interactive Nordic carefully matches the candidates competence, knowledge and skills with the clients’ demands and needs in a professional and objective manner.
  • Interactive Nordic keeps a professional secrecy about the conditions of all clients.
  • Interactive Nordic never actively recruits employees from competing companies or from other Interactive Nordic clients.
  • Interactive Nordic respects the individual and the need to keep his/her integrity during the employment and recruitment process.

Consulting services

  • We help the Local and National Government
  • We help the general public
  • We help inform education in game development
  • Through our consultation service we find talent and market it

Areas of expertise

  • Recruitment
  • Consulting areas:
  • Guiding Higher Education Courses
  • Updating Higher Education Facilities
  • Guiding unemployment agencies
  • Communicating with Local and National Government
  • Writing reports within the gaming field

These are examples of what we do

  • We help clients to find people to hire from our database.
  • We help candidates to present themselves in their best light
  • We help Higher Education Facilities to have a good contact with the industry (the support membership in Spelplan-ASGD)
  • We have seminars about the gaming industry and their needs (AF, Branschråd)
  • We scout for talent at academies and at vocational colleges
  • We scout for people from other industries that might be interested in working in the game development
  • We scout for candidates in Poland and the Baltic region

Our mission

  • To help games industry to grow in the Nordic region
  • To provide services with a high ethic and moral code